ehuda and Maya Devir began illustrating their life together in comics in 2016, when they moved into their first apartment in Tel Aviv as newlyweds. In the years since, One of Those Days has become one of the biggest viral webcomics on the Internet. Yehuda Devir grew up on superhero comic books, and the Devirs' visual style is colorful, dynamic, and engaging. But the comics' action-packed style belies their intimate, slice-of-life content: Yehuda does battle with the hairy, tentacled monstrosity clogging the shower drain; Maya transforms into a raging She-Hulk while waxing her legs; and the two of them dodge, duck, and weave as they tend to their cherubic new baby, Ariel. This collection shares stories that are heartwarming, hilarious, and universally recognizable, all rendered in a wild, larger-than-life style.

One of Those Days HC